Day: February 27, 2019

SOS Arizona

/ 01 Context

Save our Schools Arizona is a group of grassroots, nonpartisan parents, teachers & business leaders who support public education in Arizona by fighting for increased funding & tax dollar accountability. They had been working tirelessly for the last two years outside of their day-to-day jobs to build their base and fight against big-pocket campaigns who wanted to siphon money from already underfunded public schools to support a private voucher.

The leaders of SOS approached us in September of 2018 right before the end of midterm election season. 

Although they made tremendous headway and had an active base they feared their message wouldn’t be able to reach the masses without a strong online presence. We were more than willing to join the fight.


Political advertising comes with its own set of challenges such as heavy restrictions for copy and images, additional personal identification for advertisers and an altered strategy for campaigns. Selecting and narrowing down on a target audience plays a huge role in advertising but the difficulty in this political campaign was not to narrow down but to broaden the reach to as many Arizonans as possible while finding what messages they respond to best. 

Budgeting was also a challenge as we had to hypothesize and test how and when people were going to vote so we knew how to allocate expenditure. All of these factors had to be tested & refined within six weeks.

/03 results

Save Our Schools Arizona’s fight against Proposition 305 was a resounding victory. Prop 305 lost by a landslide of 65% against and 35% for. As their digital marketing team we were able to reach millions of Arizonans online and help swing the vote. With millions of impressions we increased their Facebook followers by 53%, had thousands pledge to vote no, and drove tens of thousands of voters to their website. By cleverly targeting different age groups, demographics and online hotspots we were able to increase the importance of voting no on Prop 305 and help the SOS spread the word online in a massive way.


/ 01 Context

When the founder of Footprint approached us with his story and his mission to eliminate plastic waste globally, we were very keen to get involved.

Footprint is a manufacturing company that provides cutting-edge sustainable packaging technologies. Footprint had operated a bare-bones website for some years. With their rapidly advancing technology and increasing PR exposure, Footprint needed to redesign their website to align with the goals of their business and their target audience.

Footprint needed a website that functioned as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new clients, position itself as a thought leader in the sustainable packing industry and provide credibility to potential joint venture partners.

Footprint approached SCI Creations to design and develop a new website. We also were tasked with fulfilling on promotional video production and post-production.

Footprint is changing the world. We are working with them to help eliminate single-use plastics.


We recommended the development of a completely new website, built from the ground up, with a custom design to convey the value that Footprint provides to its customers.

We focused on creating a compelling journey for the consumer or investor. The website is interactive and educational on the plastic solutions that Footprint offers.

We began by sorting the important content and flow of the website.
With a focus on mobile users, we provided an seamless and easy-to-use experience.
One of the more challenging parts of the website was an interactive plastic free, grocery store of the future. Live demo here:

/03 results

We were highly successful in launching the website and accomplishing our client’s goals. We were persistent in our communication in order to make sure we fulfilled on all expectations to deliver a well-received finished product.

We are happy to have played a role in helping Footprint continue to eliminate plastic waste by developing their digital presence. ​

The results can be viewed here:


/ 01 Context

Howard Getson formed Capitalogix in 2000 and has directed the development of its technology actively since inception. Capitalogix was born out of Howard wanting to find an edge in trading. They approached us because they needed a cutting edge website redesign, to match their company’s goals and vision.


The client needed the site to perform on mobile exceptionally well. We paid great attention to the overall feel across the website, making the website feel whole and cohesive. 


As always, it was important that the site retained all of its features on all possible devices. So rather than stacking content mindlessly on a mobile screen size, we had to think imaginatively.

003-MacBook-Space-Gray - Desktop - Mobile Optimized

/03 results

Despite numerous technical challenges during development, we were able to deliver a simple yet elegant, mobile-optimized website that delighted the client, and accomplished their objective of launching a high-performing website that complemented their ambitions and goals. 

Capitalogix received a complete website redesign that resulted in higher responsiveness, improved performance, and conversion-enhancing design tweaks.

The results can be viewed here:

Azeka’s Sauce

/ 01 Context

The Azeka Family has a long history on the Hawaiian island of Maui. They have a deep passion for food and friends. This is why we wanted to help them share Azeka’s Sauce with all that we can! After a successful Kickstarter campaign, they brought their family recipe back into the spotlight for all to enjoy. Their Maui Original Sauce has a sweet and savory taste that is delicious on beef ribs, chicken, fish, rice, stir-fry, and salads! It’s All-Natural and uses the freshest ingredients. 

With such a great product and team, they needed the best branding, packaging, photography and website to tie it all together. 

Azeka’s Sauce turned to SCI to create a new Website that showcases their savory Hawaiian Barbecue Sauces. 

/ 02 The Package Design & Branding

The Azekas asked us to handle a full suite of services. We started with their packaging first. It was very much in need of a fresh look as they were getting ready to launch 4 new flavors. Our goal was to create a cohesive brand that was united in its look and appearance. Each bottle has the same layout, but certain elements stand out to show off each flavor’s uniqueness.
This also required us to create a solid brand that brought out the Hawaiian influences to create a unified identity. 

Azeka's Sauce - Spicy Maui
Azeka's Sauce - Soy Sauce
Azeka's Sauce - Maui Trio
Azeka's Sauce - Soy Sauce & Spicy Maui - Mobile Optimized


The website previously was hosted on Wix, and they needed more capabilities and features to be able to accommodate their new product lines. To be able to accomplish this, we redesigned the entire website in WordPress with the latest features and plugins available. The website came complete with all of the visuals we had already produced, and a full shopping experience for consumers to have an enjoyable, simple checkout experience. 

The Azekas required a large number of photography assets to get their brand up and running. We produced a variety of shots to assist in website creation and to strengthen their social media presence.

The first 5 products designed for Azeka's Sauce

/04 results

SCI developed the brand messaging strategies, visual design and developed a tasty,  zesty, and responsive website with a strong UX design experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers. 

We have spent the last year making Azeka’s Sauce the best brand it can be! We were successful in our launch of the website and our goals to be able to expand the website to be able to accommodate their new product lines. We were persistent in our communication, and worked closely with the Azekas to create a memorable finished product.

The results can be viewed here:

In addition to the bottles pictured here, 7 more are currently in branding development and will be released soon.