Footprint Foundation

/ 01 Context

The Footprint Foundation was started by the sustainable packaging company, Footprint. Their patented products are designed to eliminate plastic in all types of packaging. The foundation was started to spread awareness and provide resources to people and educate on how to eliminate plastic in your daily lives. Started by Christine Figgener, who is a marine conservation biologist and ocean advocate who is passionate about conserving marine turtles, fighting plastic pollution, and empowering women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Having already created the parent website,, we were thrilled to work with Christine on this exciting non-profit. The website needed to provide resources, educational material, showcase events in the community, and discuss issues.

/02 Comic Series

Footprint also asked us to illustrate a comic series about plastic education. Starring, the Foundation director, Christine Figgener, and a fictional sea turtle. The series highlights the issues sea life is facing when it comes to plastic pollution. 

This was a challenging project all around, especially the comic series. The series is on-going and releases weekly. SCI is in charge of maintaining the website and illustrating the series.

Check out the comic series here:

/03 Interactive Comic Builder

In addition, Footprint Foundation asked us to create an interactive comic builder for kids to create their own comic about eliminating plastic. We created templates and characters for children to use inside the platform.

We chose to use the platform,, as the place for kids to create their own comic. An easy-to-use platform that many parents already know how to use, it was the perfect solution for kids to easily make comics, with our illustrations and templates.

Check out the comic builder here:

A kid created comic example

/04 results

Footprint and the Foundation was very excited to launch their new website and comic series. We continue to assist them with website maintenance and illustrating new issues of the comic.

So far, there has been nothing but positive feedback from users and kids creating comics and we are very excited to continue working with them moving forward.

The results can be viewed here: