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Project Brief

Howard Getson formed Capitalogix in 2000 and has directed the development of its technology actively since inception. Capitalogix was born out of Howard wanting to find an edge in trading. They approached us because they needed a cutting edge website redesign, to match their company’s goals and vision.


Responsive Web Design



UI/UX Design 




Responsive Website

Digital Brand Identity


Capitalogix received a complete website redesign that resulted in higher responsiveness, improved performance, and conversion-enhancing design tweaks.

Design Logic

The client needed the site to perform on mobile exceptionally well. We paid great attention to the overall feel across the website, making the website feel whole and cohesive. 

As always, it was important that the site retained all of its features on all possible devices. So rather than stacking content mindlessly on a mobile screen size, we had to think imaginatively.

The Result

Despite numerous technical challenges during development, we were able to deliver a simple yet elegant, mobile-optimized website that delighted the client, and accomplished their objective of launching a high-performing website that complemented their ambitions and goals. 

The results can be viewed here: