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/ 01 About

MITA is the voice of the cannabis industry in Arizona. They help Arizona’s cannabis businesses stay informed in a rapidly changing industry, network, and connect with businesses in other regions. They also work directly with policymakers to ensure that Arizoan’s program is fair, tightly regulated and successful. Their devotion to defeating negative stigmas and ending prohibition is second to none in the state of Arizona and they will play a key role for legalization in 2021.

We were thrilled to work with UNDOO because of their cutting-edge product in an industry that has grown immensely over the recent years. They came to us with the need for a modern-looking website that reflects their innovative product, along with a variety of other services. We are still working closely with UNDOO today and are very excited to continue working with them to build a strong digital presence for their brand.

/ 02 Context

In an industry that is changing rapidly as the world’s perspective towards cannabis shifts, it’s important for businesses to stay informed and connected within the industry. MITA wanted to provide more value to their members by updating their website with a professional design, load speed optimization, and a member login capabilities. After building their new website and optimizing it’s load speed, we held multiple training sessions so our representatives could teach MITA’s internal team how to maintain their website using our recommended tools.

Since MITA is at the center of the cannabis industry in Arizona, they are in possession of one of the largest cannabis-specific databases in the industry. Unfortunately, their database was unorganized and had not been engaged with in months, which is why they asked us to organize their Constant Contact database and develop a marketing funnel that would allow them to show off their new website and get more businesses into their organization.

Previous Website
Updated Website


With this web service project, we did everything in our power to ensure that MITA’s internal team understood each step we were taking throughout the development process. Our team was used to managing and optimizing our projects after completion, and this consulting experience proved to benefit both parties as we were forced to think deeply about each component to ensure the MITA team would be able to maintain their website and membership portal moving forward. 

Knowing that we weren’t going to be involved with MITA’s marketing funnel prior to it’s development, we were faced with the challenge of creating a campaign with assets that can be reused and easily modified. 

/04 results

Their previous site was not optimized, ran slow, and had several technical problems. Such as unnecessary plugins, multiple page builders, incorrect heading structure, and unoptimized images, which made the website’s load speed very slow. After removing all of the unnecessary software and adjusting their domain settings, we were able to bring their page speed up.

Although we did not modify their branding, the key was using their branding in the way it was intended in the first place. Our primary goal was to give a clean, cohesive page structure across the entire site. One of the main issues when it came to their original website was the mobile optimization and awkward spacing, which made it difficult to read. We made sure to focus on making the website content easy to consume with the mobile display while utilizing their branding in a more professional manner.

After organizing MITA’s database with the proper segments and tags based on their previous campaigns and audience insight from their team, we developed a membership-specific landing page. This includes all the information about MITA’s memberships while highlighting how this organization can benefit any business in the industry. They launched their first email campaign with our funnel in place in August of 2019, and they are still seeing new membership application submissions each week.

The results can be viewed here:


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