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Hera Hub Phoenix

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A Thriving Ecosystem For Female Entrepreneurs
Hera Hub Phoenix is a female-focussed coworking space designed for entrepreneurs who need a professional workspace where they can be productive, host clients, network, and grow their venture. Their spa-inspired space is beautiful with lots of natural light, vibrant art, flowers, an outdoor area and knowledge sharing. We greatly enjoyed working with Hera Hub Phoenix and highly recommend their space to all female entrepreneurs looking to connect with like minded business women.

Hera Hub Phoenix came to us with a need for leads, and that’s exactly what we gave them. The Hera Hub franchise has built a strong ecosystem of female entrepreneurs in various cities around the world. We were graced with the opportunity to help learn about their audience in a new area and get new faces into their Phoenix, Arizona location through paid advertising and data analytics. After a successful quarter of lead generation, we were happy to set Hera Hub Phoenix off on the right foot for 2020 with an abundance of new leads, page likes, and audience insight.


Working with a franchise can present a lot of challenges for a marketing agency. We had to ensure that our campaign strategy followed Hera Hubs Brand Guidelines as an international company, while also meeting the expectations of their local franchise. 

This project also gave us a great amount of insight into the coworking space business and what key characteristics make up the persona of an individual seeking a membership at a shared private office space, while also catering our message to an audience made up of primarily females.

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After a deep analysis of the Hera Hub brand, we were able to develop a lead generation strategy that worked well with their budget as a franchise and generated 300+ Leads and 500+ Page Likes for them over a 4 month period through Facebook Ads.

Novatropes Kickstarter Campaign

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Master Plan Industries is a consumer electronics startup based in Phoenix, Arizona. In September of 2019, they found success on Kickstarter with a product called the Novatrope, which is a kinetic sculpture that uses strobe lights and rotation to create an optical illusion of impossible, infinite motion. 

Master Plan Industries came to us while their product was in the prototype phase. While they spent a majority of their time on the technical aspects of their product, they were looking for guidance to assist with branding, digital marketing strategy, and overall business development. 


What is a Novatrope? Who wants a Novatrope? Will they know what they’re looking at? 

These were the questions we found ourselves asking repeatedly throughout this campaign strategy process. With such a unique product, we had to explore every detailed niche of art and technology to identify the audience that would be interested in a product like the Novatrope. 

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Being that the Novatrope is based on the Golden Ratio phenomenon, we were very excited to implement this popular concept in their logo. After multiple iterations and feedback loops, we were able to create a logo that the founders are proud of and directly correlates to their first product. Thanks to extensive research and calculated PR outreach, Master Plan Industries was able to raise $38,000 on Kickstarter to launch their venture, surpassing their goal by $8,000.

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