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When the founder of Footprint approached us with his story and his mission to eliminate plastic waste globally, we were very keen to get involved.

Footprint is a manufacturing company that provides cutting-edge sustainable packaging technologies. Footprint had operated a bare-bones website for some years. With their rapidly advancing technology and increasing PR exposure, Footprint needed to redesign their website to align with the goals of their business and their target audience.

Footprint needed a website that functioned as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new clients, position itself as a thought leader in the sustainable packing industry and provide credibility to potential joint venture partners.

Footprint approached SCI Creations to design and develop a new website. We also were tasked with fulfilling on promotional video production and post-production.

Footprint is changing the world. We are working with them to help eliminate single-use plastics.


We recommended the development of a completely new website, built from the ground up, with a custom design to convey the value that Footprint provides to its customers.

We focused on creating a compelling journey for the consumer or investor. The website is interactive and educational on the plastic solutions that Footprint offers.

We began by sorting the important content and flow of the website.
With a focus on mobile users, we provided an seamless and easy-to-use experience.
One of the more challenging parts of the website was an interactive plastic free, grocery store of the future. Live demo here:

/03 results

We were highly successful in launching the website and accomplishing our client’s goals. We were persistent in our communication in order to make sure we fulfilled on all expectations to deliver a well-received finished product.

We are happy to have played a role in helping Footprint continue to eliminate plastic waste by developing their digital presence. ​

The results can be viewed here:

Gabe Golf

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In 2009, Gabe Hjertstedt began introducing his elite clinics at prestigious golf clubs around the globe. Besides clinics, he travels to many of the major U.S. cities such as; Kona, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, and New York, to work with private clientele. Currently, Gabe also works as a short-game coach with top PGA Tour players along with consulting other top players.

Gabe needed a website that functions as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new clients, and allowed him to advertise his lessons and products.

Gabe approached SCI Creations LLC to design and develop a new website. We also handled and produced a variety of video editing for him in multiple capacities. We also developed the branding for him.


Responsive Web Design

Landing Pages

Google Ads



UI/UX Design 


Video Production


Responsive Website

Digital Brand Identity


Video Promotion

Video Editing

We design with you in mind.

We wanted Gabe’s personality and professionalism to be prevalent in our design. We chose bold and striking colors and images to show off his character. 

Brand Identity & Logo Design

We are honored to have helped Gabe turn his golf knowledge and professional experience into a revenue generating brand.

/02 results

We were successful in our launch of the website and our goals. We made an effort to be persistent in our communication in order to make sure we worked well together to reach our finished product.

The results can be viewed here: