Los Gnomigos

Your friendly gnomes in culture.

Project Brief

Family is everything to us and we know it means just as much to Los Gnomigos. The Gnomigos vision is to provide every home with not only the perfect garden gnome, but the perfect addition to the family. All five tell a different story and want you to experience the next chapter. Los Gnomigos are more than just gnomes, they are Gnomes in Culture. 

We wanted to bring the Gnomigos to life and see just what kind of impact they can have on the world. With such a great product and team, they needed the best branding, photography and website to tie it all together. 


The Package Design
& Branding

The Azeka’s asked us to handle a full suite of services. We started with their packaging first. It was very much in need of a fresh look as they were getting ready to come out with 4 new flavors. Our goal was to create a cohesive brand that was united in it’s look and appearance. Each bottle has the same layout but certain elements stand out to show off each flavor’s uniqueness.
This also required us to create a solid brand that brought out the Hawaiian influences to create a unified identity. 

The Photography

They needed a lot of photography assets to get their brand up and running. We did a variety of shots to assist in the website creation and to strengthen their social media presence.

The Website & E-commerce

The website previously was hosted on Wix. They needed much more capability and features, so they came to us and redesigned the entire website in WordPress with the latest features. The website came complete with all of the visuals we had already produced and a full shopping experience for consumers to have an enjoyable, simple checkout experience.

The Result

We have spent the last year making Azeka’s Sauce the best brand it can be! We were successful in our launch of the website and our goals. We made an effort to be persistent in our communication in order to make sure we worked well together to reach our finished product.

The results can be viewed here:


Gabe Golf

2 Time PGA Tour Winner

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